Brittany "Doula B" Williams - DMV

Brittany Williams "Doula B"
Brittany "Doula B" Williams, CLS/CD
Phone: 443-333-8753
Instagram/Facebook: @goldenhourbirthdoula
“It was all a dream!" Literally! My journey to doula-hood started with a dream from the Lord of me giving birth on my mom's kitchen floor while she knelt behind me to support and assist me through it all.
I didn't fully understand it now, but now I am  watching that birthing dream come to fruition right before my eyes and the profound message is becoming more and more clearer. 
I am a certified birth doula and lactation support specialist trained by “Doula Trainings International” (DTI), “Lactation Education Resources" (LER) and "Baby Basics" (What to Expect Project)  organizations. "As a doula, my goal is to provide added love, peace and light to help reduce the risks related to postpartum depression and to aid women in gaining or regaining control and satisfaction of their birthing experience through a supportive and prayerful approach. All the while assisting to facilitate the ultimate birthing experience by empowering, equipping and strengthening mothers and families through their remarkable birthing journey."