Janelle Leo-Boyd -Delaware and Philadelphia

Delaware and Philadelphia
Cell: 267-439-3436
Email: janelle.leo@foienlafemme.com

Im a certified Maternal Support Practitioner, that is I am certified as a Fertility, Birth & Postpartum but my specialty is Postpartum. I am also certified in the belly binding technique based on the traditional Malaysian methods, and have studied and worked with herbs for pregnancy and postpartum support in the southern tradition. My passion in Postpartum as I’m able to honour and celebrate the mother, allowing her to have a ceremony to honour her body for all of the amazing work that she has done and is doing.

 During that ceremony, I provide warm nourishing meals to help her regain her strength, prepare a womb steam bath with herbs that support the healing of her uterus and the removal of bruised blood, a warming healing salve applied her belly before binding it, closing of the bones ceremony, and with all of that, a prayer requesting strength, rest and support as she begins healing. New life is an amazing and a gift to us all and it is a great honour to provide support, mothering new mums as they get adjusted to their new life. Many of us are still trying to figure out our purpose in this life and we hope we are doing what is right. I am so gratefully have found my purpose and to be called by God to do this amazing work that is so essential and to provide support that is well deserving of ALL mothers!

 My business is name Foi en la Femme which means Faith in the woman in French. A part from incorporating my French Caribbean heritage into my business, I chose that name because I believe God has given women all that we need to do this work as birthers and as birthworkers. We just need to have faith in each other and in our bodies to do what it was created to do!