Jazman Allen - Texas

Jazman Allen 
Business Name: Eden's Lullaby Fertility & Birth Nurturing 
Phone: (214) 226-9406
IG: edens_lullaby
Facebook: @edenslullaby
Service Areas: North Texas (McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Dallas-Fortworth Metro Area)

Eden's Lullaby is the imagining of God entrusted to me to embody and lavish couples trying-to-conceive and expecting mamas with the same elation He exudes as He rejoices over them throughout their fertility and pregnancy journey (Zephaniah 3:17). My work as a fertility and birth doula has been enrooted in me from early childhood and sculpted by trials that birthed compassionate ways for me to care for couples struggling to conceive and mamas journeying through pregnancy. As a birth doula, I delight in serving mamas and their families while celebrating their pregnancy. My heart bubbles with indescribable joy! It is my honor to highlight the presence of God in the process of a mama's pregnancy and how her body is intricately designed to nurture life. I support them in feeling knowledgeable and confident physically, spiritually, and emotionally to empower them in making informed decisions. I completed my doula training through Sista Midwife Productions in December 2020. My doula education consisted of a holistic and multicultural approach to supporting pregnant women while also integrating care for their spiritual and psychological health. 

As a fertility/infertility doula, I co-journ with couples seeking to overcome infertility. I provide them with support during their decision-making processes to empower them in making the best-informed choice(s). I also support them in processing their experiences, emotions, outcomes of procedures, appointments, and test results. The trying-to-conceive journey is an unpredictable and highly emotional one often compounded by grief. Having a knowledgeable and compassionate fertility support professional can help the couple to feel seen and make this process a little more bearable. My husband and I have been on a decade long journey of trying to conceive our victory baby (a baby conceived after overcoming infertility). One day as I was reflecting upon our fertility story, I realized that I was not aware of a term for babies born after struggling with infertility. We have the term "rainbow baby," but as far as I knew there was no term for babies born to parents who had never conceived before and were born after overcoming infertility. That is when the Lord gave me the term "victory baby." It was through our journey that a deep compassion arose within me for other couples also trekking this journey. "I know..." were some of the most comforting words that were ever spoken to me during our journey, and that is what I provide to my fertility clients coupled with informational knowledge and emotional support. I am inspired by my work every day because I am passionate about what I do and serving others. Witnessing a mama experience joy in childbirth or a couple's faith reignited as they dare to hope again for their victory or rainbow baby, that is what makes my work so worth it!

I am also deeply passionate about helping mamas bond with their precious little ones through breastfeeding. I completed a Breastfeeding Advocate training through HealthConnect One in August 2021 and can provide fundamental breastfeeding support to women who desire to nurse. Fueled by my passion, I have chosen to deepen my knowledge about breastfeeding by studying to become a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist through Lactation Education Resources. As a part of my doula work, I provide a haven for parents to discuss frustrations and concerns around lactation and breastfeeding by offering non-judgmental support as I partner with them to navigate challenges. Furthermore, my unique background in infant and early childhood mental health and prenatal/perinatal psychology prepares me to hold space for difficult emotions when a woman might feel vulnerable or incompetent as she struggles to feed her child. Food is a healing source of nourishment, and a positive breastfeeding experience provides one of the most nutritious first foods for a child while promoting connectedness to one another.

At Eden's Lullaby, every woman is beautiful, their story unique, and their journey cherished. Mama-in-waiting and mama-to-be, you were graced for such a time as this! I hope to support you in experiencing the empowered fertility journey or birth you desire as the presence of God surrounds you and your family.