Tiera Peters - Houston, Texas

Tierra Peters
Tiera Peters, CBE
Phone: 601-325-5479
Hi, I'm Tiera. I'm a childbirth educator living in Houston, TX with my church planting husband and our 3 littles.
While I majored in Psychology and worked in mental health for many years, I later found my passion for birth work after the birth of my first child.
I certified with Birth Boot Camp in 2018 with the aim of bringing more birth support and options to women in south Mississippi.
Since moving to Houston for the sake of The Gospel (church planting in the 3rd Ward), I've had the opportunity to continue to gain experience while contracting with a local birth center as well as working with a local organization, Maternity Journey, servicing at-risk women of color in Houston.
Throughout my career, my hope has always been to empower, nurture and support. While I have so much more to learn, I offer what I do know for the glory of God and the benefit of families.