Tiffany Finley - Dallas, Texas

Tiffany Finley
Birth Doula, Author
My passion as a doula is to support, educate and encourage women during their journey to motherhood and beyond. My goal as your doula is to help and support you through your pregnancy and fearless journey to motherhood with care and compassion.  I'm dedicated to informing, guiding, empathizing, listening, and empowering you to birth the way that's right for YOU!  You are bringing forth new life, and it should be experienced in a caring, compassionate, and calming space."


I support all births including non-medicated, cesarean, water, home birth, medicated, and hospital. I’m a certified birth and pregnancy after infertility doula, author, and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about supporting all women during pregnancy and labor, including women who conceive after walking a long road of fertility struggle, as I have also endured my own motherhood journey of trying to conceive during an infertility diagnosis.