Ugo Edu Johnson - California


Ugo Edu Johnson
IbiBiase Reproductive Services
Full spectrum doula, holistic fertility doula, and childbirth educator
Servicing Palmdale, Lancaster, Pasadena
Instagram: @ibibiase
Phone: 323-364-6679 

I’m a full-spectrum doula, a holistic fertility doula, and a childbirth educator. Outside of birthwork, I am a professor, medical anthropologist, wife, mom of 1, and a Jesus follower. I came to birthwork through my research, teaching, and in obedience to a call. Maybe most importantly, I want Black women to stop dying unnecessarily when reproducing.  I trained with both Ancient Song Doula Services and Cornerstone Birthwork training before receiving certification through Cornerstone Birthwork Training as a full-spectrum doula. I am trained and certified as a childbirth educator through Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings (BADT) and trained and certified as a holistic fertility doula through the National Black Doula Association.  I focus on the postpartum period because of how significant a time it is. Unfortunately, it has been ignored for so long in the US. I assist through different course offerings (self-paced and live), postpartum care packages, and postpartum planning sessions.